The Laser Treatment That Can Halt Gum Disease

October 28, 2019 0

In order to defeat gum disease, it’s first important to understand gum disease. There are many factors that should be taken into consideration, especially prevention. But most dental patients don’t realize that regular exams and cleanings can actually help prevent gum disease from spreading, so most cases of gum disease spread quickly and can become bothersome, pesky and unhealthy for the patient. Years ago, dentists had to perform oral surgeries and other invasive procedures to rid the mouth of periodontal or gum disease, but today there are new methods including a dental laser treatment for periodontal disease.

Gum Disease Progression

Periodontal or gum disease is fairly silent at first. It can go unnoticed by a dental patient for a long period of time. In fact, many dentists actually have to inform their patients that they have periodontal disease, as they don’t even realize it. It’s best to treat gum disease in its earliest form, as there is often more success in completely removing the disease.

However, if gum disease isn’t caught in the early phases, it can quickly turn into a disaster in your mouth. It causes swelling, bleeding and achy gums once it transforms into a full-blown infectious disease. If the bacteria continue to wreak havoc in your mouth, it can also ruin the bones in your teeth. Once the bone has become infected, the tooth is at great risk of needing to be pulled.

Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Years ago dentists had no other alternative than recommending a dental patient receive gum surgery for the periodontal disease. This required an invasive, painful treatment that opened the gums, cleaned out the bacteria and stitched everything back together in order to fully remove the infection.

Luckily, dental patients can now undergo laser treatment for gum disease that can fully rid the mouth of bacteria without having to undergo all the negative, painful side effects of gum surgery. Dental laser treatment for periodontal disease has been proven to be an effective method for patients to halt the spread of bacteria in the gums.

Here are just a few benefits of the laser treatment:

  • No pain or discomfort
  • Quicker healing
  • Complete removal of bacteria and infection

If you’re ready to rid your mouth of the debilitating effects of gum disease, call your dentist to learn more about the dental laser treatment for periodontal disease. You can be healed from harmful bacteria in no time without a single incision.

Learn More About Laser Treatment Methods

The dental laser treatment for periodontal disease is a groundbreaking new method for patients to overcome gum disease without the pain, hassle and invasive surgical procedures of the past. Contact our Las Vegas dental office today for more information regarding laser treatment for gum disease.

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