Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment

July 22, 2018 1

If you are one of 90 million American adults who snore, or one of 18 million Americans affected by sleep apnea, you might be surprised when your doctor sends you to the dentist to address your nighttime breathing issues.

Dentists work closely with physicians to treat both snoring and sleep apnea, often using oral appliance therapy. If your doctor decides that you will benefit from oral appliance therapy, you’ll receive a prescription for a custom-made device. The appliance will fit like a sports mouth-guard or an orthodontic retainer, and you’ll wear it only during sleep

Over 100 oral appliances have received FDA clearance, but most of them fall into one of two categories:

Tongue retaining appliances – These prevent the collapse of the tongue and soft tissues – thus keeping the airways open.

Mandibular repositioning appliances – These support the jaw in a position that helps maintain open airways.

Oral Appliance for Sleep Apnea

If you are in the Las Vegas or Clark County area, come to Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas to discuss your options. We will conduct an evaluation to help determine the most appropriate oral appliance for you. This will include examinations of your teeth, jaw, tongue, and airways. We may also perform X-rays of your mouth if necessary.

Once we have chosen the best oral appliance for you, we will customize your selection using physical impressions as well as models of your teeth. These will go to a lab, where your oral appliance will be made specifically for you and the contours of your mouth. After the lab has completed the appliance, you will return to our office for a fitting, during which we will make necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the fit and feel. We will also provide you with instructions on the care and maintenance of your oral appliance.

In order to verify your candidacy for treatment, your doctor will require that you participate in a sleep study. Be sure to schedule follow-up visits with both your doctor and your dental professional at Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas.

Oral appliance therapy is not the right solution for everyone. But those who use it successfully appreciate their appliance for its comfort, ease-of-use, and portability. It has been beneficial for people who are CPAP intolerant.

If you are in the Las Vegas area and your doctor has prescribed you with oral appliance therapy, our dental professionals at Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas are here for you. We’ll help you find the appliance that fits you most comfortably and works with optimum effectiveness  so you can get back to sleeping the way you were meant to.

Please contact Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas for more information on Sleep Apnea or oral appliance therapy by calling our Irvine dental office at (702) 763-3649. Appointments can also be scheduled on our website at

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