Periodontal Therapy


Periodontal laser therapy treatment gets you there fast! Many people skip or avoid periodontal laser treatment because it was a painful experience to get it treated or due to general fear of dentistry. Dr. Gonzales hears this all too often. His laser periodontal therapy quickly and efficiently cleans plaque and other build-up with minimal discomfort.

Periodontal disease happens when plaque builds up, hardens and forms tartar or calculus. People might experience bad breathe, tooth loss, separation between gums (some foods become uncomfortable to eat and many other symptoms that make life a little tougher.


Dr. Gonzales uses the LANAP procedure, a comfortable, minimally invasive dental procedure that eliminates the need for surgery. He expertly moves through your mouth removing all of the infection, giving you a new foundation for better dental health.

Why thousands of our patients choose laser periodontal therapy:

  • Quick laser treatment
  • Shorter procedure time
  • Faster healing time
  • Results last longer
  • Safe for special needs patients
  • Safer than traditional treatment

We’ll give you a reason to smile!

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