Meeting Dr. Gonzalez changed how I view dentists in a good way. He is very comforting and his facility is beautiful. Hands down the best dentist I have ever been to!


I would recommend this office to anyone that’s looking for a dentist. The Dr’s and staff treat you with kindness and warmth and everything is honest. Thank you Dr Gonzales and staff for providing such wonderful and amazing care, I’m no longer scared of dental work!!

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43 Years of Quality Dental Care

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“I came there forth and back from Asia so many times for surgeries and implanting whole 2 jaws. Dr. Gonzales is the best doctor I have ever met and his team treated all patients as their beloved ones. A highest place recommended!”

Sameir J.

“I am Bermudian and I fly from Bermuda to Las Vegas for the best dental experience ever! It’s worth the journey because I am with the best dental practice in the WORLD.”

Edward T.

“I was very nervous about getting implants because I heard they hurt but my teeth were just in such bad shape I had to do something. I got 4 implants in one day. I was pretty astonished at how I looked. I can’t explain it to you but you feel like you get some years back. I just feel great.”

Bruce Stein


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