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April 17, 2021 General1

Everyone is self-conscious about something. Unfortunately, for many people who wear dentures, the experience is often one of extreme self-consciousness and the impact it has on one’s life can be damaging.

In 2015, a US Oral Care Survey (Biting Into Denture Care) revealed the negative impact dentures have on self confidence for people who wear them. One surprising result of the survey was that 53% of respondents said they received their first set of dentures at the age 44 or even younger. So we are not just talking about the lost confidence of the elderly.


March 4, 2021 GeneralProcedures0

Dentures are a common and affordable solution to replace missing teeth, but they do have their drawbacks as well. Dentures can become ill-fitting over time and begin to irritate the gums. They do not function as well as a natural teeth or other tooth replacement remedies. Dental implants are the best option to replace missing teeth, so if you’re thinking about transitioning from dentures to implants, here’s what you need to know.


February 10, 2021 General0

Studies show that 20% of the population suffers from dental phobia. Many people who suffer with dental anxiety avoid going to the dentist which can result in neglecting their oral health. One of the main reasons people avoid going to the dentist is the fear of pain. People who fear the dentist can eliminate this concern with IV sedation.


January 13, 2021 GeneralProcedures0

Dental sealants are placed on teeth to protect them and help prevent tooth decay. Sealants are used to fill up the cracks and gaps on your teeth. When placed on your teeth they harden and become smooth, making it easy to clean your teeth.


December 22, 2020 General0

Now that you have dental implants, you need to know how to care for them, right? Or maybe you’re just thinking about replacing your dentures with implants but need to know what kind of care they’ll require before you make a final decision. Either way, if you’re accustomed to daily brushing and flossing, you won’t need to change your routine. One of the many great benefits of dental implants is that their care and maintenance is very similar to that of natural teeth.


November 16, 2020 General0

Filling in the Gaps

A dental filling is one of the most routine procedures in dentistry. Although silver (amalgam) and gold fillings are still available and sometimes used, the preferred option is tooth-colored materials.


June 16, 2020 General0

Before you make an investment in anything, it is only natural to wonder how long the item will last. You don’t want to invest time and money into something that is only going to be a blip on the radar, and that line of thinking should also apply to your dental health. If you have missing or damaged teeth and are investigating the possibility of getting a dental implant, it is important to first uncover how long your new tooth will last. The team at Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas will explain how long dental implants last, and if you have any further questions give us a call at (702) 763-3649.


April 18, 2020 General0

You have two options if you’re missing a significant amount of teeth. You can go with traditional dentures or opt for the Hybrid 4 dental implant procedure. Hybrid 4 is a procedure in which a full set of teeth are fastened to four titanium screws, providing you with a permanent set of teeth. If you are unsure if this is right for you, let the team at Sedation and Implant Dentistry Las Vegas explain why Hybrid 4 is a better option to replace missing teeth than dentures.

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